New album 'Lowlands' out now!


On his new album, ‘Lowlands’, Pål Nyberg’s strong, expansive melodies flow between subtle synthesizers

and impeccable ensemble playing.

Birgitta Flick - saxophone

Per "Texas" Johansson - clarinet

Pål Nyberg - guitar

Mauritz Agnas - bass

Konrad Agnas - drums

Markus Jägerstedt - korg mono/poly, B3


1. Europa

2. Café de Jaren

3. On the Island

4. Love Streams

5. Lowlands

6. Apostel

7. Lowlands II

8. Nørrebro

9. Apostel II

10. Fox & Hedgehog

"astounding technique […] constantly on the lookout for fresh angles and perspectives.”

- DownBeat Magazine

"one of the continent’s strongest standard bearers for the straight-ahead jazz guitar

sound.” - LondonJazz News

His initial approach was that of a composer, exploring his own creative world, but improvisation has

been an ever-present factor in the development of the music too. The songs were often created

from musical fragments that recur in new shapes throughout the album until finally, everything is

woven together in a cinematic, captivating, slightly more produced sound. The end result is a

singular and reflective musical statement that bears traces of cool jazz and psychedelia.

Pål Nyberg is an award-winning and versatile guitarist, known to many for his collaboration with the

American cool jazz pioneer Jimmy Halperin. His melodic and original guitar playing has led him to

collaborations with many of Europe’s most prominent musicians. Keyboards are played by Markus

Jägerstedt, who also mixed the album, known for his collaboration with hitmakers such as Robyn,

Seinabo Sey, Röyksopp and Little Jinder. One of the two woodwinds on the album is Per ”Texas”

Johansson. ”Texas” has since his debut in the late 90’s with the album ‘Alla Mina Kompisar’, been

considered one of Swedens foremost jazz musicians. Perhaps less known to the Scandinavian

audience is the Berlin saxophonist Birgitta Flick, who has recently established herself as a strong

voice on the international jazz scene. Through her own groups and collaborations with e.g.

American pianist Carol Liebowitz, she has received well-deserved recognition on both sides of the

Atlantic. Konrad Agnas is currently one of Swedens prominent drummers in pop and jazz. In

addition to his participation on ‘Lowlands’, Konrad is current with e.g. Sara Parkman, Loney Dear

and Hedrosgruppen. Together with his brother Mauritz Agnas he has also collaborated with greats

such as Nils Landgren and Pat Metheney.

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