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Relese date march 5, 2021

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"Swedish guitarist Pål Nyberg is a standard-bearer for straight-no-chaser jazz guitar, a player who combines composed melody and improvisation so well that you don’t notice where one ends and the other begins."

"Nordic jazz continues to mine the richest of musical motherlodes and this album is another example of the fine jewels that can result." 

LondonJazz News (march 2021)

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Foto: Elvira Glänte



Snow Tiger 

Release date September 2, 2015




















"Wow...sounds great, Jimmy...and the whole group!"


-Ted Brown


"There’s no doubting, from listening to this album, that he’s one of the continent’s strongest standard bearers for the straight-ahead jazz guitar sound."


"The result is an interesting fusion of beautifully played tunes which have huge amounts of groove and creative artistry across eleven tracks."


-Rob Mallows,

LondonJazz News

august 2015



"Pål Nyberg is a brilliant guitarist...  one of Sweden's secret guitar treasures"


-Jan Granlie,


september 2015


"Thanks to Halperin's masterful playing throughout and the local rhythm section that manages to guide as much as enable the two soloists—Nyberg and Halperin—to reach higher plains, the influence of Tristano is all over Snow Tiger. Yet, it must be made clear that Tristano is here not only in the repertoire but also in the four musicians' collective forays into the (slightly) freer end of improvisation. But make no mistake: this is in no way a free jazz recording; rather, it is a jazz recording by four musicians with consciously open minds."


-James Pearse

All About Jazz

September 2015


"endlessly interesting to listen to what Halperin and Nyberg will get to..."


-Magnus Östnäs

Lira Musikmagasin

November 2015


"Snow Tiger är en ovanligt sällsynt varelse och en unik upplevelse att möta livs levande!"


"Snow Tiger is an exceptionally rare creature and a unique experience to meet live!"


-Lasse Seger


December 2015


"Halperin spelar genomgående strålande, vilket i någon mån kommit att förväntas av honom, men Pål Nyberg håller jämna steg med och det är ingen liten bedrift."


"Halperin play consistently brilliant, which to some extent will be expected of him, but Pål Nyberg keeps pace with, and that is no small achievement."



Hi&Fi och Musik

December 2015


Snow Tiger – notes


Here is an album of music I am so happy to be listening to!


I first became aware of Jimmy Halperin when I was living in New York and a musician friend of mine (a great one!) was talking about a gig he’d played the night before, where he had a little trouble, maybe didn’t play his very best, because his nerves got the best of him. I wondered why. And he answered, ”Well, Jimmy Halperin was in the audience.”


A statement like that can focus your mind when you finally get the chance to hear guy whose two little ears in a club could unbalance a seasoned player like that guy. And when I did hear Jimmy, I could see how it could go down that way. Here’s a guy who’s gonna hear everything!


Jimmy Halperin is one of the great saxophonists in all of jazz, a man with total command of his horn, and of the elements of music. He continues a line in the evolution of jazz that includes Lester Young, Charlie Parker and Warne Marsh, to name only saxophonists, but his influences are many and varied. Pianists Lennie Tristano and Sal Mosca were both important mentors, and JS Bach must have played a role as well. As was—and this surprised me when Jimmy told me about it, but it makes perfect sense when you know it—Frédéric Chopin.


Pål Nyberg, a fantastic Swedish guitar player, studied in Amsterdam, and apart from the benefits of living and working in such a cosmopolitan environment, got to know about Jimmy. In Holland he’s not such a secret as he is in much of the world. And last year, Pål got the idea to bring him to Scandinavia, play a tour and make a record. The tour was beautiful, and this is the record!


The rhythm section is perfect for these guys: Robert Erlandsson and Anders Fryland punch it in there with clarity and warmth. They are solid, sympathetic, and swinging, with great drive but at the same time light and unobtrusive, so the soloists are able to develop their long, complex lines without interference.


The repertoire is largely oriented toward what is usually called the ”Tristano School”, with lines by Lee Konitz, Warne Marsh and Lennie Tristano as well by Jimmy, based on some of the standard tunes that are among the easiest for an improviser to play creatively on, and the choice pays off beautifully: the compositions, amazing as they are in their own right (and so beautifully played!) work as a frame: they set the guys up to play some great new music right off the tops of their heads.


One tune that comes from a somewhat different angle is Pål’s beautiful ballad ”Siri”, a haunting melody that stands strong and gorgeous on its own and maybe wouldn’t even need improvised solos, though Pål, Robert and Jimmy all play great things on it.


The session was reportedly a very cool experience. They didn’t worry too much about getting perfect takes, the more

important point being to get into the groove and let the music happen as it was gonna happen. In the event, almost everything on this album is a first take, and I  will say, having listened to the whole set three times through while writing this: It happened!


Andy Fite 

April 21, 2015

















Live at A-trane - Berlin

Release date January 27, 2017

Voted one of the best albums of 2017 with 4stars in DownBeat Magazine.  January issue 2018 DownBeat



"..astounding technique. ..constantly on the lookout for fresh angles and perspectives."


-Brian Zimmerman

(DownBeat Magazine)


"To play this kind of music on the guitar is no easy affair. I think too many guitarists who are moving into this complex music, often falls through, mostly because of that their fingers simply unable to keep up with the fast runs. But this is no problem for Nyberg. He is a brilliant technician who follows Halperin throughout." 


-Jan Granlie

(Translated from Norwegian)


"Saxophone phrases tumble out of Halperin's sax across the eight tracks like cotton off an unravelling bobbin, continuous and sinewy, fast and furious, all done well. He’s a super technician. Pål Nyberg matches Halperin in the velvet smoothness of his phrasing, notes tumbling together from his fretboard in a waterfall of 32nd notes before the brakes are applied and each musical phrase is curtailed, reformed and then sent off in another direction."


-Rob Mallows


January 2017

"På repertoaret står fire Tristano-låter, to av Halperin og en hver av Ted Brown og Lee Konitz - coolgiganter alle sammen. Vi møter fire herrer - fra to forskjellige generasjoner - som tydeligvis stortrives sammen og som både kan og "er" dette uttrykket. Her får vi oppleve lange, logiske linjer og "samtaler" som er tydelige, intelligente, intrikate og ustanselig spennende å følge.

Jimmy Halperin er en kompromissløs og viktig saksofonist som er helt i spissen når det gjelder å føre cooltradijsonen videre. Det får han utmerket hjelp til fra Pål Nyberg Trio."

-Tor Hammerø

January 2017

"skönt flytande jazz med mycket känsla "

-Anders Lagercrantz

(Lira musikmagasin)

February 2017