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Photo: Elvira Glänte

Known to many for his collaboration with American saxophonist and NYC Cool Jazz pioneer Jimmy Halperin, Pål Nyberg is a highly versatile guitarist, arranger and composer who has been active on the jazz and creative music scenes of Scandinavia and continental Europe since the mid 2000s. His melodic and original guitar playing easily adapts to numerous styles of music and constellations, ranging from modern jazz to swing to experimental pop to modern art music. Nyberg is highly regarded as an ensemble player and has collaborated with many international jazz names, such as Dave Frank, Joris Roelofs, Erik Söderlind, Jan Allan, Josh Ginsburg, Joost Patocka, Dwayne Clemons, Jos Machtel and Per ‘Texas’ Johansson.

"astounding technique […] constantly on the lookout for fresh angles and perspectives.” -DownBeat Magazine


"one of the continent’s strongest standard bearers for the straight-ahead jazz guitar sound.” -LondonJazz News

On his latest album, “Lowlands” (release March 5, 2021) Nyberg explores his idiom as a composer. The album is also characterized by a slightly more produced sound, a lot thanks to the contribution of keyboardist and sound engineer Markus Jägerstedt (Robyn, Sienabo Sey, Markus Krunegård, Kleerup, Røyksop). Apart from the thoughtful compositions and postproduction throughout the album, “Lowlands” also is a study in the subtle use of electronic sounds of synthesizers and modulation effects. All weaved together by Pål Nyberg – guitar, Birgitta Flick – sax, Per “Texas” Johansson – clarinets, Markus Jägerstedt – keys, Mauritz Agnas – bass, Konrad Agnas – drums.